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Finding yourself helpless on the side of the road is one of the most stressful situations you can encounter. Don’t panic, staying calm is critical and will allow you to examine all your options. Most people ignore the idea of calling a tow truck and try to deal with the circumstances on their own. In truth, a tow truck is usually your best and safest option. Tow truck drivers are qualified to handle almost any condition you might find yourself in, allowing them to ensure your car makes it off the road and to a destination of your choosing, safely. Jardine Services is committed to the safety of both you and your vehicle. If you find yourself stranded on the side of the road – here are several of the best reasons to consider calling us for help rather than try to handle the circumstances on your own:


Have you ever headed out the door in the morning only to discover your car won’t start? This is such a frustrating experience and probably the most common reason to call a tow truck. There are so many considerations as to why your car might not start – from something as simple as a dead battery to other more major issues. Jardine Services drivers can check your fluid levels and your battery and do whatever they can to try to get you back on the road. If they aren’t able to identify the issue – they can quickly tow your car to your repair shop.

puncture-in-a-wheelFLAT TIRE

Most of us know how to change a flat tire and although inconvenient would choose to roll up our sleeves and just get it done rather than call a tow truck. But what happens if you find yourself on a dangerous corner of a busy highway? Or at a time in your life where you do not have the physical capacity to change it? Or somewhere without a spare? A tow truck driver gives you several options – all while keeping you safe. He can pull you to a more secure location to change the tire, change the tire for you, re-inflate your existing tire to get you up and running again, or tow you to a mechanic and have them change it for you.


No matter how great your driving skills, you can’t always control the driving conditions around you or another driver’s negligence and therefore might find yourself involved in an accident. Anything from a fender bender to something more major leaves you wondering if you should call a tow truck. Obviously, if your car is undrivable Jardine Services can get your vehicle where it needs to go. Even if it appears your car can still be driven – it may be a good idea to have a mechanic look it over and assess any unseen damage before risking further harm to the axles or frame without realizing it. It is always a good idea to have your car towed to your mechanic after an accident even if there appears to be no noticeable damage.



Besides being dangerous, running out of gas can be humiliating. There is not always someone available to bring you gas, and it is not often convenient to walk to a station. Calling a tow truck if you run out of gas on the freeway or anywhere away from a gas station is the safest option, especially if you are traveling with children. If you let our dispatcher know you have run out of gas, we will deliver gas to you for a lesser fee than a regular tow.



Even if you follow all of the maintenance needs of your vehicle – an overheated engine can still happen. Sitting on the side of the road worrying about what is wrong with your car and how you’re going to get home can be incredibly overwhelming. If you find yourself stranded somewhere, you should call a tow truck before anything else. No one likes to be delayed – or have to call for a tow – but in almost all cases, your best bet is to get your car someplace safe and diagnosed quickly. Your most reliable choice is to have the vehicle towed so it can be repaired and back on the road.


Hopefully, this is something you will never encounter, but if you find yourself in a ditch, it is almost impossible to get yourself out. You may be tempted just to call your neighbor to pull you out but remember, tow companies have insurance in the unlikely event something were to happen to your car. Also, tow trucks drivers have flashing lights, flares, and cones to help divert oncoming traffic and keep everyone safe.towing-a-car.


Frequently auto insurance plans include coverage for emergency roadside assistance. Make sure to check your plan to see if it’s included. If not, you might seriously consider adding towing insurance to your individual plan.

Paying a fair fee for towing services can often save you from spending hundreds of dollars in additional repairs when driving a distressed vehicle.

If you determine you need a lift, give Jardine Services a call at (801) 466-8922 or visit our website at

It’s always better to be safe than sorry!!


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